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Buffet Menu

The Bay City Buffet

All buffets include rolls and butter, choice of coffee, or iced tea station. Add extra starch or vegetable to any buffet for $1.00 per person. Please refer to information below to make your buffet selections.
Beverage Service | $27.00 per Bowl
Beverage Service | Alcoholic Punch Bowls

$55.00 per bowl
Beverage Service | Cash or Consumption Bar
Beverage Service | Champagne and Wines
Cold Buffet

Other items which may be added to the buffet (Priced per pound)
Crab Salad $18.95 | Shrimp Salad $13.95 | Seafood Salad $16.95
Menu A | Chicken Selection
Menu A | Meat Selection
Menu A | Seafood Selection
Menu B | Chicken Selection
Menu B | Meat Selection

All selections are carved to order
Menu B | Pasta Selections
Menu B | Seafood Selection
Sweet Treats

The items marked with an asterisk (*) are available with buffet choice
Accompanying Dishes
Cold Hors d'Oevres

Price per 50 pieces unless otherwise noted
Hot Hors d�Oeuvres

Price per 50 pieces unless otherwise noted
Plated Dinner Entrees

Three selections may be chosen for an additional $1.00 per person
*All entr�es include rolls and butter, and your choice of salad, vegetable, starch, and coffee, hot tea or iced tea.
Specialty Combinations

Combination Dinners $26.95
Your choice of 2 entrees coupled with salad, starch and vegetable.
Wedding Packages

Dinner Entr�e Choices:
Diamond Package

Dinner Entr�e Choices:
Gold Package

Dinner Entr�e Choices:
Silver Package

Dinner Entr�e Choices:
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